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Hal Abramson Festivals

Los Angeles based festival promoter.

About Hal Abramson

Hal Abramson has decades of experience when it comes to promoting festivals. At seventy years old, he’s seen it all, and yet his enthusiasm refuses to wane. As a natural entrepreneur and people person, his career as an event promoter allows him to combine all of these passions into one career path.

Abramson started out as a promoter at a young age, only in his early twenties when he dropped out of college at California State University to begin his career. His interest in cars and boats festivals, in particular, stemmed from the long-standing tradition of helping his father fix up a Chevrolet Impala convertible throughout his teenage years. Ever since then, Hal Abramson knew he wanted to incorporate his growing into a lifelong career.

Out of all the auto shows he’s attended and coordinated, Abramson considers the Geneva International Motor Show to be in a league of its own. While he has never had the privilege to assist in putting such an event together, it’s one of his dreams to partake in the future. Abramson also makes the Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise a priority every August, one of the largest one-day auto show in the country, and recommends the Chicago Auto Show, as well. The Chicago Auto Show has been running since 1901, and never fails to foster a sense of excitement for the year’s coming designs.

He became intrigued by boats later on after having the opportunity to go see the first annual Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival in Oakland. Having enjoyed the event so much, Abramson immediately knew he wanted to lend his skills to the next year’s festival. Twenty-two years later, Abramson makes a point to visit each year, even if he was not personally able to partake in the organization process, and hopes to one day travel to China to see the festival in Shanghai. Since then, he has helped organize the Antique and Classic Boat Festival at Navy Point, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. Each festival has been an incredible experience that Abramson feels grateful to have been part of.

On his bucket list of boat festivals to attend, Abramson lists the Dubai International Boat Show and the Singapore Yacht Show, both of which offer a whole host of activities for show-goers and boating enthusiasts of all ages.

His job takes him all over the country, and even the world, though Abramson’s home base is in Los Angeles, California, where he enjoys living in an upscale marina on his ocean-going yacht and watching baseball in his limited free time. Hal also loves traveling to shows and sharing these experiences with his wife Betty.