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Most car owners at least like their cars, but it’s no secret that there are people out there who really love them. It only seems natural to purchase gifts that are related to cars when shopping for car enthusiasts, and luckily, there are many gift options at all different price points that are great for those who love their cars. These are just a few ideas:


Car Washing Kit

Car enthusiasts know that keeping their cars clean is a great way to maintain them. Providing a car washing kit that includes things like a fresh bucket, chamois cloth, microfiber cloths and gentle cleansers that are designed for use on cars is a great gift idea. There are car washing kits that can be purchased already assembled, or shoppers can make their own.


Keychains make great gifts for car enthusiasts. Buying a keychain that features the logo of a car enthusiast’s favorite brand or something else that he or she is interested in is a great gift idea, and it won’t cost much.

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers are great for protecting steering wheels, providing more comfort for drivers and accessorizing vehicles. From fancy steering wheel covers to simple ones in cool colors or patterns, there are plenty to be found online or in auto parts stores. Buying one that is related to a loved one’s personality and the taste is a great way to provide a car-related gift that is sure to be appreciated and used.

Car Mount for Smartphone

Many drivers rely on their smartphones while they’re driving. They might have their phone connected to the Bluetooth in their cars for making phone calls relatively safely, or they might use their phones for navigational purposes. For these drivers, having a mount that will hold the phone securely in place while making it easy to view is a positive thing. It’s a great gift idea.

Gift Card for Auto Parts Store

It’s sometimes hard to find a gift for loved ones, particularly for those who are shopping for car enthusiasts but who aren’t really car enthusiasts themselves. Gift cards to local or online auto parts stores make great gifts.


There are tons of gift items out there for car enthusiasts. These are just a few that shoppers can check out when buying for the car lovers in their lives.