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Everyone has different reasons to check out car festivals whether that is wanting to witness the next best model of their favorite brand or just because they enjoy cars fundamentally. It is a great time to see the advancements the auto industry has accomplished and what the future holds. Here are some can’t miss auto festivals that you need to visit in Asia.

Tokyo Motor Show

With the combination of automakers that use Japan as their home base and the number of car enthusiasts that are located here, you can bet that Japan is going to have a car festival. The Tokyo Motor Show is held every other year with its primary focus being on concept cars versus models that are already in production. But, if you are more interested in the future of the auto industry than what is being done now, this would be the auto show you want to visit.

Auto Shanghai

The population of China is beginning to get more and more interested in cars. With the number of interested buyers increasing, you can be that carmakers are taking notice of the potential customers they can get in the future. The Auto Shanghai is held every two years, where carmakers can flaunt their products to the interested populace. Here they are going to show everything they have to ensure that those potential buyers want something.

Indonesia International Motor Show

This yearly festival isn’t just for cars. At the Indonesia International Motor Show, you can walk around and see what carmakers are showing off. Yet, if you need a quick break from that this festival also has a classic car contest you can watch, food trucks, and many other fun activities.  You might come for the cars, but at this festival you are going to do so much more.

China (Guangzhou) International Auto Accessories & Modification Expo

Not only are you going to be scoping out new cars from producers, but you are also going to be able to see the latest accessories that are being offered. This festival is held every year, and is a one-stop sourcing trade show that has high-quality goods from the auto industry.

Dhaka Motor Show

As the only international auto exhibit in the country, this festival has become a highlighted event. Visitors are going to be able to see new models from carmakers and how they are developing. At this festival, people are also encouraged to network. Not only are you checking out cars, but you can also know that you can make connections with others in the industry.

Moscow International Automobile Salon

The Moscow International Automobil Salon is held every other year. It highlights all that the industry has to offer in Russia. They also housed the Mobilistic Technology festival which promotes the future of what can be expected of the auto industry. At the festival they highlighting self-driving technology, using alternative fuel, and solar energy.

Car festivals are a great way to meet other car enthusiasts and just see what carmakers have to offer. What car show are you going to next?