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Boat shows have long attracted thousands of both boat enthusiasts as well as boat owners. Europe has a rich history in boating and sports some of the best boat shows in the world. Thousands travel from all over the globe to witness the latest and greatest as well as classics at some of the top international boat shows. Here are five of the best boat shows in Europe. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

Cannes Boat Show

This annual boat show takes place in Cannes and is typically a week-long festival that boasts boat enthusiasts from around the globe. Last year, approximately 50,000 people attended the show, and its estimated that more than half of them were from abroad. This show’s primary sponsor is the luxury car brand Maserati which is why it attracts so many luxury boats each year.

Dusseldorf International Boat Show

This Germany-based boat show has only been around since 2005, but it has quickly become one of the most popular boat and yacht shows in the world. This festival is fun for the whole family and includes many different events and vendors. There’s something for everyone at this event, which keeps crowds coming back year after year.

Antibes Boat Show

This boat show, based out of Antibes, France, showcases some of the most incredible nautical vessels in the world, known for showing a wide variety of boats from many different categories. Perhaps more than any other boat show, luxury yachts play an extremely prominent role in this event.

London Boat Show

This boat show has been held every year since 1954. It has long attracted some of the most luxurious boats in the world. London is the perfect location to show off these mega boats as they are abundant in waterways and viewing locations.

Barcelona International Boat Show

This boat show is more than 50 years old and offers boats of all shapes and sizes from classics to those fresh off the assembly line. This five-day festival usually takes place in October and offers both incredible boat viewing as well as fun for the whole family.