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One of the most exciting parts for anyone who loves being out on the water during summer months is taking a boat trip with friends and family. While boating is a great deal of fun, there are always precautions and tips that one must follow to remain safe. One of the worse possible mistakes that anyone can make is hitting the water without taking any sort of safety measures. Follow these five tips and not only will it ensure an enjoyable trip, but one that will keep everything on the right track.


Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the first tips that is highly recommended to anyone who is about to set out on a boating trip is to plan out the boating trip before leaving the house. Making sure that the route is mapped out ahead of time, and looking out for landmarks is important. Knowing the landmarks before even setting out will provide assistance if the GPS was to fail while out on the trip. Using the landmarks to find the way back is one of the most useful tips in case of being lost. This will help to find the way back when returning.

Before even stepping foot on the boat having an emergency plan in mind in the event that there is an actual emergency should be top priority. Knowing how to contact emergency services if needed, and where to access a fire extinguisher if needed are all safety essentials. Having all of the proper safety equipment onboard the boat such as life vests, first aid kits, and water is also important. For those who are unfamiliar with all the proper safety and emergency plans for a boating trip there are guides for reference online. This is particularly important to those who are taking a boating trip for their first time.


Pack the Essentials

When being out on the water even the most cloudy days can leave a fierce sunburn. Having the necessary sunscreen to protect from burns is crucial and helps to protect the skin. All of the elements combined from being out on the water for hours on end can damage the skin and cause all types of issues. Take the time to coat up in sunscreen and be sure to pack it so it can be reapplied every few hours.


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