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If you were fortunate enough to live during the 1960s, you had a first-hand experience of arguably the best car decade. The 1960s was a significant period for the American automobile industry, especially for the top manufacturers (Ford, Chevy). In my opinion cars from the 1960s are the best because they were not too modern and not too old. I was lucky enough to experience this car decade, but if you were not, here’s a look at the top four cars from the 1960s.


1964 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is still a favorite car today, and its first generation model was produced in 1964. This vehicle introduced the idea of the pony car, an affordable, compact sports car. When the Mustang was first released, it was a hardtop convertible. While other manufacturers took a stab at a pony vehicle, no one did it like Ford. The Mustang was everyone’s dream car and still holds its iconic name today.


1966 Chevy Camaro

Trying to compete with the Ford Mustang, General Motors released it’s Chevy Camaro two years later. The Camarao was a stylish, full of power vehicle. The Camaro and Mustang were very similar initially, but over time each company made changes to differentiate their cars. Chevy wanted to offer the average driver a sports experience, and they surely succeed with the Camaro.


1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Two years after the launch of the Camaro, The Chrysler Corporation entered the pony and muscle car game by releasing the Road Runner. Chrysler paid Warner Brother $50,000 in order to use the popular cartoon character name. Chrysler built the car as a back-to-basics muscle car that was full of performance. Just like the cartoon, the Road Runner was extremely fast.


1961 Jaguar E-Type

Earlier in the decade, Jaguar Cars released the Jaguar E-Type (also known as the Jaguar XK-E). The British sports car is a combination performance and beauty. When the vehicle was released, it was the fastest car that money could buy. Known as one of the most beautiful cars in the automobile industry, the E-Type was a dream (since it was out of most of our wallet’s).


If you lived during the 1960s like me, discussing these cars was a trip down memory lane. The 1960s were an excellent decade for speed and performance, and American’s fell in love with muscle cars. In my opinion, 1960s cars are the best.


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